What is a SLAP Tear?

A SLAP tear is a tear of the shoulder socket’s labrum, or also known as a type of labral tear (see picture).

SLAP tears are common and happen in athletes and non-athletes. They are caused either by an injury or overuse.

What causes a SLAP Tear?

SLAP tears can be caused by a trauma such as from an accident or sports. SLAP tears can also be caused by wear and tear over time and with aging. They are common.

What are symptoms of a SLAP Tear?

The main symptom from a SLAP tear is usually pain. This can be pain at end-range-of-motion, mid-range-of-motion, with use, at rest, and at night.

How to find out if you have a SLAP Tear?

A physical exam is needed. X-rays are helpful. An MRI is usually needed.

How is a SLAP Tear treated?

Surgery is rarely needed. The standard treatment for a SLAP tear is physical therapy. If a person’s symptoms do not improve with therapy, a different form of therapy may be necessary. If therapy does not help, surgery to repair the tear can sometimes be considered (labral surgery).

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