40/140 Progressive

The 40/140 progressive shoulder stretching program is used to keep the shoulder loose after an injury or a surgery. In the beginning it is exactly the same as the 40/140 program. However, in the progressive program new stretches are added over a six week period. The goal is to have the person doing the 4 quadrant stretching program by the six week mark. Which stretches will be added and in what order will be determined by the therapist.

The 40/140 progressive program usually starts immediately after surgery or shortly after an injury. It usually continues for 6 weeks.

In the beginning the person will lay on their back. The good hand/arm grabs the injured or surgery wrist and moves it through a range-of-motion: 40 degrees of external rotation and 140 degrees of forward elevation. (See video for technique 40/140 program). All the work is done with the good arm. The injured or surgery arm remains completely relaxed during the stretching session. Over time certain 4 quadrant stretches will be added (see videos for 4 quadrant stretches) by the therapist. 

Each stretch should be held for 30 seconds. In the beginning the 2 stretches should be done 5 times at each session. And the person should do 5 sessions per day. This means 50 stretches every day.  As time progresses stretches will be added. In the end the person could be doing 7 stretches. Each stretch 5 times. 5 sessions per day. This means a total of 175 stretches per day. This is the minimum. People who do the stretches more do better.

The key to these stretches is to relax. Many people find it helpful to do these stretches in a dark and quiet place. Some people will listen to their favorite music or even light candles. It is important not to rush the stretches.