Doorway Stretch

The doorway stretch is used to help loosen a shoulder that is affected with capsulitis from injury or surgery or just out-of-the-blue. It attempts to stretch all quadrants of the shoulder (see 4 Quadrant Stretches) all at once. It is generally reserved for people who live active lives and will find it difficult to do the 4 quadrant program which requires laying down for some stretches. The doorway stretch attempts to copy the motion of the crank test.

The doorway stretch is not tried and true like the 4 quadrant stretches. However, in certain people it can prove very effective.

The doorway stretch can be done in a doorway or using an upright post or even a corner of a wall that sticks out. The person positions their arm in such a way so that the entire shoulder is relaxed. The arm is held in position by the hand only.

The person should feel pain during the stretch. The pain should be felt all around the shoulder: not just in the front or the back or the top for example. The stretch should be held for 30 seconds minimum. It should be done as often as possible such as whenever the person sees a doorway or a post.

This is a tricky stretch and there are a lot of ways to do this stretch wrong. It is best to be under the care of a qualified therapist when using this technique.